Your visit to the local mobile phone retailer just got a lot more fun.

For many mobile phone users, the sheer number of features bundled into their tiny handheld devices is simply astounding – and to some extent intimidating. Apart from being an mp3 player, a television screen, a Skype device, a hi-def video recorder, a credit card machine, a fitness tracker and in some cases, a best friend, that tool sitting in your hand can also, every once in awhile, actually be called upon to make a phone call.

The challenge is, just as soon as you’ve gotten comfortable using a couple of your phone’s more useful apps (the ones you could figure out anyway), 2 years have gone by, and your carrier-contract is about to expire. Oh gosh! It’s time to face the daunting task of going to the mobile device store and picking out yet another smart phone – with all the latest and greatest, confusing and mystifying, must-have features. Oh boy!

And if you think you had difficulty choosing a mobile phone 2 years ago, you’ll probably be even more lost with today’s array of choices. As per usual, smart phone technology has experienced brisk development since you last shopped around – across the entire portfolio of user amenities – whether we’re talking productivity, business or entertainment based features.

Alright, take a deep breath. Before you throw your cell phone out the window and contact Ma Bell to hook you up with good ole, traditional, wired service, here’s some good news for those of us about to re-enter the smart phone shopping arena. Another group has been keeping up with new technology as well: it’s that pastel-colored, polo-shirt wearing, always smiling, team of sales associates that are staffing your local telecommunications store. You see, they’ve hired some a new sales helpers that are going to make your next smartphone buying experience a lot less onerous.

Who’s the new sales help? Well, they’ll probably introduce themselves when you walk into the store; it’s the devices themselves! That’s right, the models on display are already up and operating and running programs that explain their features to anyone who picks them up. And you’re just as likely to find a shelf mounted iPad ready to give you the “411” on any of the nearby devices, after a simple poke to the touch screen.

Today’s smart phones actually have the ability to sell themselves – making much better use of the time they’d typically waste sitting on the shelf intimidating us customers with their silence. Now these phones have a new mission in life. They’ll react to a customer’s touch and give their potential new owners a quick review of their features and calling plans… all this even before their warm blooded sales partner has had a chance to say hello.

On top of that, once you leave the store, satisfied you’ve made the right choice this time, your new smartphone will continue to guide you along – by running tutorials and showing you features you never knew existed. It’s like taking the sales professional along with you – just without all the sales pressure or pastel colors!

So next time you’re due for an upgrade, don’t put off the opportunity of visiting your local mobile phone retailer. You won’t have to feel stupid, having to stand around the shop floor, waiting endlessly for the next sales associate to free up. Take advantage of the new, very informed sales force sitting on the display shelves right next to you. They’re ready to share their full line of features with you and tips about using them successfully. Go ahead and give it a try. Say hello! This way, you’ll already have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for before the sales associate comes over and asks you what you’d like to see.

Smartphones have just made your buying experience a whole lot richer and made you a better and more informed consumer!

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