We now know that 74% of retail store managers believe that developing a more engaging in-store experience is becoming business critical. As the retail marketplace, and technology rush towards the new customer engagement model, significant, new opportunities are being created. What you should know about this coming disruption is outlined in our new whitepaper. Download the Whitepaper or Watch a Demo.

5 Retail Trends Disrupting Customer Engagement and Changing Your Business

  1. Omni Channel
  2. Assisted Purchases
  3. Customer Interactivity
  4. Big Data
  5. Personalized Dynamic Content

Highlights from the Whitepaper

  • 80% of retailers see sales increase anywhere from 25% to 40% when customers are assisted by “product experts”
  • Interactive content generates two times more conversions than passive content
  • Customers still very much rely on the human salesforce in helping them shop
  • Customers are rewarding the retailers that provide a seamless and fluid experience
  • These devices allow retailers to run very effective experiments – such as A/B testing – and systematically collect evidence on customer reaction and preferences

About Us

We create remarkable customer engagement experiences. Driven by technology, creativity, and business imperative, Customer Mobile, has installed more than 15,000 solutions in retail stores such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Our solutions can be deployed on smartphones, tablets, kiosks and larger format displays. Interactions may include touch screen, NFC, Beacon and others. Customer mobile’s platform supports dynamic, “over-the-air” updating, and an analytics platform which provides detailed trending and reporting about customer behavior, campaign effectiveness, and store compliance. For some engagements, Customer Mobile is collecting and analyzing more than 1 million data points per day.

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Bruce Molloy

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